Should Slaves Be Free? Speech

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Have you ever woke up from your lovely dream to wake up to the sound of crying children the sound of strong rubber whips hitting the back of a black man or women well I wish u will never have to. People I am here to day to change transformed and modify your thoughts on slavery and show you the brutal part of it and why slaves should have the same freedom as everyone else. To start a speech I would like to say that everyone has a right even if your white brown or even black you have the write to stand up and have a say what in your in heart and I know what’s in your heart is not pleasant what I’m trying to say is that give the slaves a chance and they will show you how they shine in society. Secondly I would like to say that if you feel happy when you’re shouting at the slaves and commanding them to get you a glass of water, I hope not, but if you do you’re a cold hearted person. I would like to ask you a question; would you like it if your son or daughter was a slave I guess not well we can stop this before it gets out of hand we can stop this abomination. One other reason to stop slavery is that one of these slave that are dying every day could of been one of the most cleverest men or woman on earth or could have had the metal intelligence to become a doctor and how many people in this room had a relative die because the lack of doctors or nurses to cure them well who knows one of the slaves could have saved your relative and many other people. Let me tell you a true quote from a slave to get you thinking how bad the life of a slave really is; “When you've spent your whole life chained in the dark; no light, fresh air, cloud or open space may tantalize your dreams, taunt or twist you into insanity. You have never seen them, you are ignorant of their existence; they are fairy tales for the foolish. When you've spent your whole life chained in the dark, you don't
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