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Should Schools Have Uniforms Essay

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I believe that schools should continue to have a mixture of boys and girls.   In the future boys and girls have to have communication skills with one another to be able to be successful in life. Coed schools prepare students for universitys and jobs. In my perspective boys and girls learn more efficiently with one another.   Even though the “test” results show that girls learn better when seperated from boys they still loose there communication skills with boys.   A mixture of sexes in the class shows that boys learn a lot better having girls in the class because theres something to impress and try for.  

If girls were seperated from guys they would be more likely to be more disruptive in class and not learn as much as they should causing the teacher to interupt the whole class.   If boys were together they would get very bored and not concentrate to there best abilities.   Studies have shown that having same sex classrooms the boys and the girls loose socializing skills with the opposite sex.   In the real world boys and girls are not split up so why teach them a stereotype of seperating boys and girls. The teaching styles for teachers may be ineffective or disrespectful for gender stereotypes.   There isnt enough information showing that girls learn better with girls and boys learn better with boys because every student learns in different ways.   Girls and boys learn better from each other.   Coed schools allow girls and boys to work together and get to know one another.   Students that have gone to a same sex school and switched to a coed school say they felt behind socially.   Thats why I believe we should keep the coed schools.

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