Should Same-Sex Marriage Be Legal? Pros and Cons Essay

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Should Same-Sex Marriage Be Legalized? There are not many topics that have as much controversy as the legalization as same-sex marriage. And as in many hot topic debates there is no gray in the matter. People are either for the legalization or against it. There have also been times where people who have come out as for the legalization who are accused as being gay or a lesbian by the people against it, and in some cases the accusations have escalated to the people being persecuted or attacked. The people who are against have also been accused of being homophobic or hate mongering, and can face severe consequences in their public and professional lives if the allegations are made public, even if the person in question isn’t a hatemonger or homophobe simply by being accused of being one. Both sides have a right to be heard in an unbiased setting and with an open mind without any fear of repercussions. There are many arguments for both sides, both for and against the legalization of same-sex marriage. Some are for personal reasons, like the following story. When I was about 21, my sister told us that she was gay. I was so mad and did not understand why. That was until we sat down and had a long talk. From the time we were old enough to date she could never find that one person to make her happy. She knew something was missing. Her feelings were always off. I tried several times to help her find someone to make her happy. It was not until she came out that she realized that she was truly happy. Please do not get me wrong it took her several years to find that one person to make her happy. In 2009 she finally found that person who makes her happier than anything. When I see her now the happiness is all over her face. That makes me happy because all I want is for my sister to have the best life. I would say that she has come full circle. They just adopted a baby and

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