Should Retirement Be Compulsory at 65 Years of Age? Essay

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Should retirement be compulsory at 65 years of age? Retiring at the age of 65 has been accepted in many country in the world especially in European countries. Old people are outstanding workers and they have many experiences comparing with the newn freshers in their particular business and works. Having said that should retirement be compulsory at 65 years of age? In my opinion we should not made them unvoluntary retirement if they refuse it. From my point of view, old workers need to retire at the age of 65 because they are old and can suffer from aches and pains. Moreover they are very sensitive as the children. And they are not as strong as young people so we need to take care the old people and they need to take rest from their works. Nowadays, Technology influences many countries all over the world and the young people need many employments and need many work occupancy for them. As for companies, they can pay cheap salary for freshers as they want because all business men know they need to give more salary to experienced people and that is a matter of retirement cases. From another point of view, however, ‘old are gold’. Old people have many experiences in their individual business and they all know about their work and responsibilities very well than the others. For example, the old workers can know so many customers, clients, their duties and what is the most important thing of their particular works. As for business men, retirement can lose so many experienced workers, they are very effective for their business. Retiring from job makes the people the chance for enjoying another kinds of jobs. To conclude, we need to abolish the rule of compulsory retirement because of these above reasons. Compulsory retirement shouldn’t be for individual and for environment. That’s why retirement should not be compulsory at 65 years of
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