Should Racial Tolerance Be a Worthy Goal Essay

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“Racism is man's gravest threat to man - the maximum of hatred for a minimum of reason.”-Abraham J. Heschel Racial tolerance shouldn’t be a worthy ‘goal’, racial tolerance should be achieved everywhere in the world today. We should be able to have respect and freedom within our culture and for every single diverse race on this earth to be accepted all together as one. Unfortunately the world isn’t like that and that’s why it must be a ‘goal’ or an ‘achievement’ for no reason. No reason because we should all be able to look past someone’s ‘colour’ because colour simply does not or shouldn’t matter at all! A skin colour does not affect ones personality. A culture or back round does not affect ones knowledge. A major issue that gets in the way of racial tolerance is a races biological knowledge. Today, people still constantly criticise ones knowledge judging their race. Since the world still doesn’t live in peace, racial tolerance is considered a goal, yet it will never become a global success for there are too many countries in war, fighting one another. Racial tolerance will never learn or be accepted in every single nation, it’s impossible for this goal to be achieved worldwide. With a goal of racial tolerance, this world would be much more at peace. Through racism, comes judgement. People and nations are constantly judging people, thinking a race is better or smarter than theirs; but in reality, not one race is better than the other. Both races and countries do both good and bad things although people judge a whole country by one bad deed that a person from that country has done. Then it becomes a judgement in race; the person who did wrong was say a Latino and then the whole race of Latinos are judged and looked down on. It’s like this for every race; Hispanic, Caucasoid, European, African, Asian, Latino, etc. The race judges another race because they look

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