Should prostitution be legalized? Essay

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This essay will be based on whether prostitution should be legalized in South Africa. There are always two sides to a story so in this essay I will explore the benefits and disadvantages to legalizing Prostitution. Prostitution has been in practice for numerous years, and even though it is illegal these laws have not been successful in eliminating the business. Prostitution nowadays is frowned upon due to religious objections such as adultery and selling one’s body for money. There are modern dangers involved in prostitution for instance the sexually transmitted virus HIV, the influence of drug abuse and drug dealing within the working environment. When I think about how our government has failed to eradicate prostitution, maybe we should concentrate on removing the problems that accompany prostitution instead of trying to rule prostitution out as a whole. This means we legalize prostitution and provide licenses and rules for legally run brothels. Legalizing prostitution emphasizes individual liberty, people who are promiscuous are not penalized by the law, so why is the exchange of money for the same lawful sexual acts an illegal action? Some will argue that most times the prostitute did not have an authentic choice. Some are underage when they start working and do not know what they are getting themselves into or they are under circumstances where they have no choice but to be a prostitute in order to provide for a family or a substance addiction. If permitted, the prostitutes will be healthier as they will be operating in a suitable environment, will attend regular health check-ups, and contraception is compulsory, which in turn will be safer for their clients. But once prostitution is regarded as acceptable, there will be more customers and there is a chance of the condoms breaking as they are only ninety-nine percent successful. As well as the prostitute
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