Should Prostituion Be Legalized? Essay

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Speech Shammah Eric 10C Should prostitution be legalized? Prostitution is ingesting thousands of girls and women and a reaping amount of economic profit for men who make business out of women. Additionally each year several thousand women from Eastern Europe countries for prostitution in sex industries all over the world. This sex trade is a form of contemporary slavery and all indications predict its growth and expansion into the 21st century. Approximately three-fourths of the women who are recruited or trafficked are unaware that they are getting sent to strip- clubs, brothel or the streets, where they are sold to eager male buyers. Most of the women are seeking to escape poverty, violence and even lack of opportunities, but once they are under the control of traffickers, they are pushed into prostitution by physical and sexual violence and economic threats. Due to no recourse the women submit in the hope of eventually earning enough money to buy their way out of bondage or even finding a way to escape. Women’s command to multiple unwanted sexual acts results in trauma to the mind and body. Survivors of prostitution often report that each act of prostitution felt like a rape. To not feel the pain, women often take drugs and alcohol to numb the assaults done to their body. Eventually the women’s physical and emotional health is destroyed. Above all, state bodies and non-governmental organizations should understand that prostitution is a demand market created by men who buy and sell women's sexuality for their own profit and pleasure. Prostitution should not be legalized. Legalization means that the state imposes regulations under which women can be prostituted. In several Eastern European states "tolerance zones" are being considered; in other states there are proposals for legalization. Most arguments in favour of legalization are based on trying to

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