Should Prayer Be Allowed in Schools?

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Pam Themides 03-28-13 M1 A3 Should Prayer be allowed in Schools? I am interested in this topic because I feel that if a student feels the want or need to start his or her day off with a silent prayer, they should be allowed to and not required to. This is America, and we do have the right to freedom of speech, don’t we? Before the 1960’s, prayer in school was a choice, not a requirement, and it was not resisted. You could walk into any public school room and see teachers leading prayer and reading from the Bible. We go to restaurants to eat, and we are allowed to pray and give thanks for the meal that we have seen served. We don’t necessarily have to pray out loud, hold hands or even bow our heads, or even close our eyes. I can understand why reading the Bible over an intercom system in the school may be unconstitutional, and may not be accepted, but why can’t teachers be allowed to start a class with a brief prayer asking for the strength and patients to conduct their class to the best of their ability, and being successful in doing so? I also understand that school administrators and teachers are not allowed to solicit or encourage the religious activity in the classroom, but they aren’t allowed to be prohibited the activity either. They can’t fight the Supreme Court, for they are the ones responsible for making the decisions. The act of praying in school validates the 1st Amendment’s law “respecting an establishment of religion”. Many lawsuits have been filed against schools, and Federal courts have ruled that the practicing and the sponsorship of prayers in graduation ceremonies were unconstitutional. Team players in numerous sport activities are allowed to pray in the locker room, or even on the field before a game. NASCAR has prayer over the intercom at the tracks to keep drivers and fans safe. The list goes on and on, so why are schools

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