Should Police Officers Be Allowed To Carry Tasers?

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Q: In your opinion, which non-lethal tool on a police officer’s belt, either the taser, pepper spray, or the night stick, is best for handling the most dangerous suspects in a confrontation? A: I think all officers have under gone training to make that decision during confrontation depending on the threat to the individual, themselves and the public. All weapons can do damage if misused it’s up to training institutions to provide proper education and the officers themselves to use their discretion. Q: Do you think tasers are too powerful to be used to disarm or bring down a suspect? If yes, what if it was a last resort instead of using the gun in a non life-threatening situation? A: No, to my understanding, tasers are meant to initially stun or shock an individual to assist with arrest. If it comes down to the point of having to taser someone who is resisting arrest I believe it is a good alternative to the use of a more serious weapon such as guns…show more content…
What about restrictions like only supervisors can carry tasers? A: Yes with continued misuse and negative publicity I do think they will be banned eventually. Q: If tasers were no longer used by police officers, should civilians be able to carry them for
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