Should Physician Assisted Suicide Be Legalized Essay

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Does one have a right to physician-assisted suicide? Is it acceptable for a physician to end a terminally-ill patient’s suffering? One will discuss the reasons why physician-assisted suicide should be legalized for terminally-ill patients in the United States. Terminally-ill patients should be granted the basic human right to decide to end their life, when in a state of prolonged suffering. The act of euthanizing suffering animals is considered an act of human kindness in society, which should be extended to the terminally-ill as well. Religious beliefs are the main reason why physician assisted suicide remains illegal today. Physicians such as the late Dr. Jack Kevorkian, named Dr. Death by the media, spent his life battling against these…show more content…
The first and fourteenth amendments to the Constitution should be enough to grant people the rights to dictate what they do with their bodies. Some states have already legalized assisted-suicide calling it Death with Dignity. Other states have strong religious values, which members of congress hold with them, keeping assisted-suicide illegal in others. Bottom line is that the argument over assisted-suicide laws is much similar to debates over things such as abortion. How much control can or should the government have over a person’s body? The theory of self-determination draws to conclude that even though assisted suicide may be illegal, if the motivations are strong enough by the individual, they will seek what they desire by any means necessary. The legalization of assisted-suicide would bring about tighter regulations; the ability to ensure the procedure is done in a controlled environment, and done in a way that is as humanly as it is done to animals. References Bopp Jr., J., & Coleson, R. E. (1999). Three strikes: Is an assisted suicide right out?. Issues in Law & Medicine, 15(1), 3. Retrieved from EBSCOhost

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