Should Physical Education Be Mandatory for High School Graduation? Essay

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Should Physical Education be a Mandatory Requirement for Graduation? Arguing whether physical education should be a requirement for graduation is ludicrous. What is there to debate? According to the American Heart Association “more than one-third of children and adolescents are overweight or obese” (Status). This fact alone is reason enough to justify the mandate. Unfortunately with every educational reform and budget cut the worthiness of physical education being taught in the public schools rears its ugly head. This occurs in spite of the fact that the wellness level of future generations depends on learning at an early age that physical activity is necessary, and reinforcing that concept throughout growing and developing years is a must (Status). According to Myra Goodwin, Certified Physical Education Teacher for 25 years, “the government and the administrators of all public schools need to establish Physical Education as a core academic requirement not just for a semester, not just for high school but daily and from Preschool to 12th grade”. Sadly, only 6 states in America require daily Physical Education (Physical). Something has got to change unless the wellness level of our population is to continue to deteriorate. American children, teens, young adults, middle age and elderly are entirely too sedentary. The U.S. population watches too much television, plays too many video games and uses the computer as entertainment during their leisure time (Physical). Through the years, students must be taught the importance of being physically active for a life time. This concept must be drilled and reinforced into students’ heads the same as reading and math. What better way to do this than through good quality physical education programs (Goodwin)? The main goal of the Physical Education Curriculum should be “to develop physically educated individuals who have

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