Should People Be Allowed to Keep Exotic Animals Like Chimpanzees or Tigers?

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Chimpanzees and tigers or exotic animals are not domestic animals and therefore people should not be allowed to keep them. Owning these animals as pets can be extremely dangerous. People who keep them may think that they are doing well to the animals, but in real sense the animals belongs to the game parks. Protecting these animals from poaching, killing and ignorance can only be curbed by having proper systems and structures that ensures that these animals are well taken care of and protected in the parks. Risks involved The risk factors that comes along with keeping such animals are so high compared to the little advantages that people may claim to be getting from them. These animals are wild and keeping them might lead to some accidents which the owner would have to bear with. Because the owner cannot basically meet their needs, these animals may attack unexpectedly and cause great harm. They can also make the owner or anyone who access the premises contract some diseases such as TB, Herpes and even Rabies since taking care of them cannot be compared to taking care of the normal pets such as the dogs. The behaviors of the exotic animals cannot be predicted, one may not order and command their steps each minute and therefore can kill or maim within few seconds. Many people according to studies have been killed and maimed by these animals within seconds. They can be extremely dangerous when provoked. Interference with the natural system As much as all the animals deserves to exist, keeping the exotic animals is taking them out of their natural habitats and may feel like they are lacking something. Keeping them also interferes with them since they are meant to be free and are used to hunting for themselves. The owners upon realizing the risks involved and that they are unable to cater and meet their needs they end up abandoning them. Therefore, it’s not

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