Should Nurse Practitioners Prescribe Narcotics Essay

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SHOULD NURSE PRACTITIONERS PRESCRIBE CONTROLLED Should Nurse Practitioners Prescribe Controlled Substances? Nakeya Booth Central Methodist University Business Concepts AH 330 Paul Compley, Ph.D. December 13, 2009 Should Nurse Practitioners Prescribe Controlled Substances? The role of the Nurse Practitioner, also known as the advanced practice nurse, is to provide health care services to patients, families, and communities. They are specially trained to diagnose, and are able to control the common, chronic and acute heath care conditions. The practitioner can either work with the physician or choose to work alone to provide their health care services. They act as clinicians, leaders, researchers, educators, Managers, and policymakers. “Advanced practice nurses are in great demand, and within their scope of practice offer patients a level of care consistent with, and often surpassing, that of physicians “(American Association Of Colleges of Nursing, 1994). The prescribing of medications to treat illness is accepted in the progression in the continuity of care. In most states, Practitioners are only allowed to prescribe those drugs that are listed in a defined formulary that has gained approval of the state board of nursing and state medical licensing authority. Missouri is one of three states that have not granted nurse practitioners the right to prescribe controlled substances. Prescribing a controlled substance by a practitioner involves association and agreement with the physician. “The inability of APRNs to prescribe controlled substances has a significant impact on Missouri citizens. Many Missouri citizens receive delays in care and experience untreated or under-treated pain. This results in lost time and wages from work. Many patients are forced to accept a lack of comprehensive care and treatment with less

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