Should Minimum Wage Be Abolished Essay

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In most places of the U.S. the minimum wage is set at about seven dollars per hour. For teens at the ages of about sixteen to eighteen, this wage is alright for their income, for the time being. These workers don’t have much to pay for such as mortgages, power bills, and everyday necessities. These people are still young and most of them can still lean on their parents for economic support. However, minimum wage is what most businesses in the U.S. pay their workers. For adults from about twenty years old to even people in their thirties, this is not enough to sustain them. These people, who work at this minimum wage, have to take on more than one job to sustain themselves and their families. This is only one reason why the minimum wage should be raised. Some states have already started this by raises the minimum wage to about ten dollars. Some of these states are New York, Illinois, New Jersey, Connecticut and Missouri. Some economists such as James Galbraith say that if there was an increase in the minimum wage, then incomes of…show more content…
One disadvantage to increasing the minimum wage is the possibility of a continued shortage of jobs. As the minimum wage increases, more people would want to find a job more than ever. This could cause a shortage in jobs because their still wouldn’t be enough work but the demand will be higher. The graph below shows the minimum wages from 1938 to 2007, in comparison to the poverty levels. Even though this problem wouldn’t change by the increase in minimum wage, I believe that this disadvantage isn’t that important at the current moment because it takes a while to rebuild an economy. Raising the minimum wage would help the nation start to get economically back on track at the moment, and then this problem could be addressed. This is why the best option for the country, right now, is to raise the minimum

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