Why Should Drugs Be Restrictive

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Ali S. Tartacoff Phil 320 Dr. Satris December 15, 2011 * Should Laws Against Drug Use Remain Restrictive? * Both liberals and conservatives hold conflicting views on weather drug prohibition legislation has accomplished its job in curving the problems associated with drug use. Furthermore, they argue weather the current laws, banning drug use, should remain restrictive. After reading both sides of the debate, I believe that laws against drug use should indeed remain restrictive. I believe that they should remain restrictive because less restrictive drug laws are not the solution to our drug problem, and instead, less restrictive laws are an extremely dangerous idea. This essay will investigate the multitude of reasons as…show more content…
They are illegal because they are dangerous. Moreover, these drugs are not a threat to American society because they are illegal; they are illegal because they are a threat to American society. Less restrictive drug laws will greatly increase this dangerous drug use. Only ¼ to ½ of people can easily get illegal drugs (other than marijuana). However, after legalization, these drugs would be much more widely and easily available. Not only will they be more available for adults, but they will also be available for the American youth. Legalization of illegal drugs could cause a pediatric pandemic of drug abuse and addiction. For example, 87% of high school seniors report using alcohol, more than half in the past month. Opposite the high rates of alcohol and tobacco use by teenagers, only 18% of seniors use illicit drugs, which are illegal for the entire society. This increase in drug use will not come easy for American society, but instead it will come at a very high price. The price will be that American society will be overrun with drug-related accidents, lost work productivity, and hospital emergency rooms filled with drug- related…show more content…
This argument is flawed because it is proven that drug use does not just affect self, but also affects all of society in cost, public health, and crime/violence. Drug use has dire consequences for all of society because drugs can destroy the minds and bodies or many people. Also, regulations to control drug use have a legitimate social aim to protect society and its citizens from the harm of drugs. Health care costs attributable to illegal drugs are more the $30 billion. This amount would only significantly increase if drug use were to spread after legalization. We have witnessed through experience that it is naive to expect that taxes could be placed on these newly legalized drugs to adequately cover the costs of increase used and abuse of

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