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Should Junk Food At Canteens Be Banned? Essay

  • Submitted by: nada0111
  • on August 17, 2011
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Below is an essay on "Should Junk Food At Canteens Be Banned?" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Junk food at school canteens should be banned?
Hot dogs, Dim Sims and chicken burgers, they are all fatty foods that our canteen sells, Where’s the choice? There’s NO healthy food at the canteen, some kids go to the canteen every day and live off it. What’s so bad about putting throwing an apple on the menu or maybe a salad, they don’t have to ban junk food but think about what it’s doing to us, our health is in danger of the continuous junk we’re consuming. Also what about the prices, who wants to pay $4 for a chicken burger? We could get a better deal at hungry jacks. Some parents may not be able to afford to supply there kids with money every day to buy outrageous priced food.
There’s absolutely no doubt that junk food is amazing. After 2 periods of maths you might want to have a chicken burger and relax. But what if you forgot to bring lunch to school and all you have is money you may not want to by fatty foods, you might want a salad or some fruit. Well the canteen doesn’t sell any healthy food that you might want. Healthy foods are so good for you that you should chose it over everything you eat. It helps you lose weight, keeps your body healthy, makes you live longer. The prices for the food is outrageous, some parents may not be able to afford to supply their children with money to buy overpriced food for their own lunch how would the parents feed them at school. lunch. If there parents didn’t have time to make their lunch and the kids aren’t allowed to make their own lunch the parent will have no choice but to waste their money on overpriced food for their children.

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