Should Illegal Immigrants Be Legalized Essay

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Everyone should have a chance to look for a better life without been treat like a criminal. Illegal immigrants shouldn’t be reported instead they should be legalized. Illegal immigrants come to this country for safety because in their country they live scare that they can get kill and they also want a better life like making their dreams come true and buy things that they never have before. There are many immigrants in this country, but it also helps the economy of this country. Safety is what many people look for and if in their country they can’t find it they have to go out of their country and find it. Crime and violence thrives as the rule of law is weak, economic opportunity is scarce, and education is poor. In Colombia,…show more content…
Most illegal immigrants end up renting properties in depressed areas where otherwise it would be hard to find renters and as immigrants buy properties, commission is generated for real estate agents and brokers. Illegal immigrants contributive to social security are often not claimed so the government stays with the money which is more than 25 million dollars. Studies show that only 2% of Mexican immigrants have ever used welfare or social security and only 3% have ever used food stamps. In comparison, 84% pay income tax and none of them file a…show more content…
They come to this country because they aren’t safe in their country and they have to live their country scare. Illegal immigrants come to spend because they buy things that they never have before so helps economic. Illegal immigrants help the economic by opening bank accounts that give interest and dividends to banks. If the illegal immigrants are legalized it can help the government know how many people are here. There are many illegal immigrants in this country but it is because they are in needed and this country also gets advantage of them. Everyone should have a chance in life to live happy and

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