Should Illegal Immigrants Be Deported

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criminal justice(ilegal immigrants) How would you feel if from one day to another someone you know just disappears because they are being sent back to their home countries just because they do not “belong” in the united states this happens ever day in the United States, approximately 200,000 people are deported in a year. Illegal immigration just isn’t right, and there are many reasons for it. One of my many reasons is, aren’t as stated by Thomas Jefferson “all men are created equal” if everyone is so equal then why doesn’t everyone have a fair chance to be in this country? My next reason would be, there can be a bright side to immigrants in this country because the can work for less, which would in crease production for some businesses which would also increase the economy. And finally people should not be deported because sometimes it breaks families apart. According to the declaration of independence “all men are created equal”. In 1776 many immigrants from Europe founded the great country we now call the United States of America. So the question is, what made those immigrants different from the immigrants of today? I can answer that, nothing. So if we are all so equal what makes immigrants from before so special?…show more content…
Well this is the case for relatives of illegal immigrants. Sometimes when illegal immigrants are deported they are separated from their families. For example maybe a grandma a daughter and a mother live in the U.S, but the mother of the little girl gets deported. The little girl is force to stay here with her grandmother for a better future, but will no longer be able to see her mom. If the girl leaves with her mother then she would not have a chance to take advantage of the opportunities in the country she was born and raised (the U.S). That is not exactly fair to the child, so if her mom were allowed in the country she would has great opportunities in the
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