Should Grime Be Gone Research Paper

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Do you have pet hair on your clothes and furniture? Is it hard to get dust, dirt, and grime out from the nooks and crannies of your house? Is you said yes to any one of those questions, then you need Grime be Gone! Grime be Gone is made by Scotch, which also brings you products like scotch tape, mounting tape, glue, cutters and many more! Scotch has been around since 1930, so we have perfected the Grime be Gone! What exactly is the grime be gone? The grime be gone is a roll of adhesive paper centered on our highly durable plastic centers. This allows you to get 360 degrees of cleaning action! After using one whole sheet to it maximum ability, simply peel that sheet off and start a new one! The grime be gone is perfect to get off pet hair,…show more content…
Look at that dust piling up, unable to be swept up with a broom. Take a sheet off of the grime be gone, and lay it over the spot you want to clean. Press it down and pull back up, and the dust and dirt come up easily! Just ask Arnold Schwarzenegger, he loves it! “I love my Grime be Gone! I have one in my car, one at each house, and on set with me at work. I would recommend the Grime be gone to everybody! Get it, or I’ll be back and I’ll be comin for you.” You can find products similar to the Grime be gone in stores and online, but for much larger prices and for mediocre products. What makes our Grime be gone so special is our new super sticky formula made with Amazonian frog spit to help catch even more pet hair, dust, and dirt. You can order the grime be gone online at or by calling (474)633-4663. But wait, if you order right now, we’ll sell you the grime be gone for the low low price of only $9.99. And if you order in the next 60 seconds we’ll throw in a miniature Grime be gone for free! The miniature Grime be gone is great for smaller jobs, like your clothes and smaller pillows. That’s two grime be gones for the low price of $9.99 plus separate processing and handling. Order now!
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