Should Graduates Write Graduation Thesis Essay

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Should Graduates Write Graduation Thesis OUTLINE Ⅰintroduction Writing graduation thesis if a good way to improve one’s abilities and professional skills Ⅱ body A. opposing view 1: waste of time 1. Writing graduation paper can do good for graduates’ future. 2. Writing graduation paper can develop professional skills B. opposing view 2: assign small papers to develop abilities step by step 1. Many students don’t treat small ones seriously 2. Small papers cannot help students as great as graduation dissertation Ⅲ conclusion Restate thesis Universities provide academic teaching. Consequently, this advanced study should end with an academic graduation thesis. A graduation dissertation is an achievement that sums up the four-year study in the college. More importantly, by writing graduation papers students can improve their abilities and professional skills. However, some opposite opinions were raised recently. Many graduates complain that write the graduation thesis is waste of time. In the fourth year, the strategic point, they have other more important things to do, such as finding a job or preparing for the postgraduate examination. So writing this paper will occupy their precious time and affect their future plans finally. As far as I am concerned, the entire process of writing a graduation dissertation will do good for one’s future. In the first place, completing a thesis must enhance students’ professional knowledge and skills. For instance, if a chemical major choose “How Does Nitrogen-Fixation Benefit Human Life” as his thesis topic, he has to understand the theory of nitrogen-fixation. During this study and research, it will certainly involve the most advanced achievement in this field, and some parallel theories that will be contrasted with the target at the same time. By these means, this student will

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