Should Government Spend Money on Arts When There Are so Many Other Issues and Concerns?? Essay

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Should government spend money on arts when there are so many other issues and concerns??? Throughout the ages, man has tried to create beauty through painting, music, sculpture, and other artistic expression. Therefore, it is easily understandable when some people believe that the government has a duty to provide art to its citizens. However, many other people feel that the government money spent on art is wasted, particularly when there are so many others demands on it. This essay will look at the arguments and examine whether governments should spend money on art. There are several reasons why governments should spend money on art. First of all, art is a very important part of a nation's culture. We need to remember our own poems, songs, language, crafts, etc. Secondly, art provides a way for humans to express themselves. It allows us to look at the world in a new way. Furthermore, art could be a part of economy. It can stimulate tourism and employ people.Spending on arts actually can benefit to majority of people. However, governments need to balance their spent and spend wisely on art, especially, when there are many other important issues and concerns. People need food, education, housing, medical care or paintings. Another reason is that there is so much waste, fraud and abuse within our government, and the relevant investigation and recommendations can be found in hundreds of reports, for instance, building huge museums without measuring quality, or funding expensive projects which is used by few people. In conclusions, although governments have urgent demands on their budgets providing people with necessities of life, they also have a responsibility to provide their citizens with arts, to make sure that they pass on beauty, ideas, and expression to the next generation and make arts available to all instead of being the possession

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