Should Evolution Be Taught in Public Shools

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Should evolution be taught in public schools? I believe evolution should be taught in public schools. The debate over evolution has been raging on for many years now although recently it has evolved. Basically we are no longer asking “if” it should be taught in schools, but “how” it should be taught. Evolution should be taught as a scientific hypothesis. The fact is that most of the time it is just not presented in the proper context, it is taught as a theory without the proper presentation of other “theories”. A little background information as to why the question continues to cause such a stir. In general when we refer to the term "theory" we often mean something that is unproven or an educated guess. Prior to being educated properly we say, "It's just a theory." In scientific terminology, what is really meant is, "It's just a hypothesis." A hypothesis is an educated guess about what is going on that is going to be tested. In science the term "theory" means it has been tested and this is what has confused the people. I never understood the true meaning of a scientific hypothesis and if evolution was tested to be false because of the lack of evidence it never would have been presented at all. Yet I believe the true issue here is acknowledgement of the fact that evolution is not the only “theory” when it comes to the origins of life. Evolution clearly should be taught in public schools since it is a very important concept contributing to numerous educational concepts. In the early years of school during the seventies we hear of this during biology. Most recently the states have become aware that science standards and critical thinking about the evolutionary theory are needed and have called for revisions. Since the No Child Left behind Act has been implemented it has been decided that students should be able to understand the full range of scientific views that
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