Should EPA Be Doing More To Fight Environmental Injustice

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Should the 1 Should The EPA Be Doing More to Fight Environmental Injustice? SCI: 207 Dependence of Man on the Environment April 22, 2009 Should the 2 Perhaps one of the greatest assets of living in a country as advanced and as great as the United States, is knowing that there are laws and government run organizations that are in place to protect the natural environment that we live in because after all, our very existence as humans depends on the preservation of our natural environment. As American citizens, we know that we have certain rights that have been adopted by our government to insure that we are protected against all sorts of injustices, which can affect our…show more content…
The Environmental Protection Agency was established in 1970 under then president Richard Nixon who believed there was a need to establish a government agency that would oversee national efforts to preserve the environment. As noted by writer Jack Lewis, “The Nixon Administration, although preoccupied with an unpopular war and a recession-ridden economy, took some stopgap action on the environmental front in 1969. In May, President Nixon had set up a Cabinet-level Environmental Quality Council as well as a Citizens' Advisory Committee on Environmental Quality” (Lewis, 1985) The Nixon administration forged forward set clear parameters for the new governmental branch that would oversee everything to do with protecting our environment. As noted by Jack Lewis, “President Nixon called for "a strong, independent agency." The mission of this "Environmental Protection Agency" would be to: • Establish and enforce environmental protection standards • Conduct environmental research. • Provide assistance to others combatting environmental

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