Should Drugs Be Legalized

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Should drugs be legalized? I strongly disagree with the legalization of drugs; nothing good could come out of legalizing drugs. However with every opposition there are those who are for it as well. Meaghan Cussen and Walter Block who wrote, Legalizing Drugs Now! An Analysis of the Benefits of Legalized drugs states legalizing the drug will cause reduction in crime. One point mentioned was, given that drugs would be legal, this would cause an increase in supply because of new businessmen entering the field; and because of a higher supply the prices would be lowered. Now that the prices are affordable murder and theft associated with the price of the narcotics would no longer exist. Cussen and Walter state, “Addicts who were formally forced to steal, murder, and engage in illegal employment to earn enough money for their habits will be able to afford the lower prices” (pg. 243). I couldn’t disagree more with this reason, It is not guaranteed that the lowering of the price of the narcotics would be sufficient enough where it would prevent addicts from stealing. In a lot of cases addicts have lost their jobs, family, friends, went through life savings of money so they have nothing, it’s not that they just can’t afford the drugs, they do not have and funds period. When you’re an addict you’re not in control of your actions; there are stimulants that cause people to react in all kind of ways. In Theodore Dalrymple’s paper, Don’t Legalize Drug he mentions there are drugs that have psychopharmacological properties that lead to violence, strictly based on the consumption of the drug. Dalrymple states, “Stimulant drugs such as crack cocaine provoke paranoia, increase aggression, and promote violence” (pg.257). This reason alone is enough to not want the legalization of drugs, just think about how many more violent addicts will exist in this world if drugs were made
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