Should Drugs Be Legalized? Essay

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Marcia Frederic Paul Cain Creative and Critical Thinking July 30, 2012 Should Drugs be legalized? “In society today there always seems to be debate on whether the legalization of drugs will be of public interest.”(1) It is said that the legalization of drugs will eliminate drug-related crimes and decrease social problems. However, individuals in our society must understand that if drugs were to be legal it will make the problem that we have now become uncontrollable. “Drugs have become part of a problem in society” (2) and if one studies the altercations behind drug legalization, it will become more obvious that it will not be approving to anyone because they will understand that there will be an excessive growth in crimes and the general well-being of individuals will decrease. The last thing we need is another set of rules making substances widely available to destroy humanity. Therefore, the legalization of drugs should not be even thought of because different types of drug-related crimes will increase, social conditions will increase, and the quality of life will decrease. To begin with, drugs should not be made legal because many drug-related, homicidal crimes that are committed are usually committed by individuals who are under the influence of drugs. Let us take the case of Armin Meiwes for an example. Armin Meiwes was known to be the cannibalistic internet user who later became identified as the “Rotenberg cannibal.” In this case, the way he attracted his victim was by posting advertisements on the internet searching for a willing target. Then, a guy name Armando Brandes responded to his post and decided to meet with Meiwes. To abridge the story, Brandes and Meiwes met on Christmas Day and continued to commit and record the most unthinkable scenes on earth. Later, Meiwes gave Brandes some drugs, which ended up killed him, and ate him a few

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