Should Drugs, as a Whole, Be Legal? Short Argument Essay

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Angelica M. Prof. H Should drugs, as a whole, be illegal? Even though everyone would have more access to drugs and the number of overdoses might increase, drugs, as a whole, should be legal because it would eliminate the criminal market place, there would be decreases in crimes associated with drugs and people would lose interest in drugs to focus on real issues in society. On the other hand, I completely understand what the opposing side are stating about how drugs should illegal because some drugs are lethal, the drug problem might increase from legalization, and society would worsen from legal drug use. Basically, I am a neutralist when it comes to the controversy. The criminal market place, or the Black Market, would be nothing without the unlawfulness of drugs. It's run by the drugs and such being illegal. Selling illegal drugs is how dealers gets their profits and incomes from the Black Market. If drugs were legal, the criminal market place would lose it's value and structure enough to have authorities be able to control it. Now, I also agree with how if we make all drugs legal, then society would worsen. If we make drugs legal, then crime will decrease, but it means that drug use might increase as well. There will always be crime. You can't stop crime permanently. Although, drug-related crime might decrease and drug use will increase, if we just have criteria and enforce safe use of drugs, then society will have control of drug-use. "We believe that drug prohibition is the true cause of much of the social and personal damage that has historically been attributed to drug use.", states Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP), "It is prohibition that makes these drugs so valuable – while giving criminals a monopoly over their supply." From my perspective, there will always be rebellion. The more you tell someone not to do something, the more they are
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