Should D the Consumption of Cigarettes Be Banned?

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What comes across your mind when you hear the following, “ should the consumption of cigarettes be banned?” Would you agree or disagree? Cigarettes have become a big part of our industry and have also caused many controversial issues. Many people believe that smoking should be banned because it increases health risks, causes fire hazards and is a poor example to our younger generation. While, even though many of these things are true, many people have not taken in consideration the strong disadvantages and hard impacts that can be created if the consumption of cigarettes are banned. For example, a decrease in tax revenues, which can lead to a strong deficit in our country and the invasion of individual’s rights who choose to smoke. Several people argue that banning the consumption of cigarettes is the best solution for our country. However, could we possibly consider it to be the best solution if we are invading other people’s freedom? Do we not live in a free country? Yes, we do and that is why I believe that any individual should have the freedom to do as they pleased. Over 1 billion people, or 16% of the world’s population are aware that excessive smoking can lead to many health risks and still choose to smoke. Whether we ban smoking or not people whoever desire to smoke will keep smoking. Therefore, why waste our time trying to convince people that smoking is a horrible action. Tax/income Lose money, this is why we must regulate the tobacco industry because Is an advantage to economy cigarettes would banned create black market Tobacco is a large industry Farming industry, factories, health benefits- reliefs stress nicotine, nicotine effects In conclusion, banning Tobacco is unrealistic. People argue that banning the consumption of cigarettes will be a perfect solution. However, there is much more to lose than there is to win if we allow this.
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