Should Coraline Be Taught Again Essay

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Wednesday, Dec 3, 09 Should the novel, Coraline be taught again? The novel Coraline is written by Neil Gaiman. It is an inventive, scary, thrilling, and affirmative novel published in 2003. The novel Coraline is recently taught by a group of high school students in Toronto. The first reason that the novel should not be taught again is that it is mostly taking place in the fake world with magical elements and creatures made by the evil. For example, the other father, the rats, the old man, Miss. Spink, and Miss. Forcible. “There were all sorts of remarkable things in there: windup angels, books with pictures that writhed and crawled that shimmered; little dinosaur skulls that chattered their teeth as they passed.” All of these show that…show more content…
Firstly, the novel is suspense which makes a reader read more further until the end. “Something she had taken to be a part of the shadows under the hall couch detached itself from beneath the couch and made a mad, scrabbling rush on its long white legs, heading for the front door.” Reading this quote makes a reader think and make interested to find out what will happen by reading further more. Secondly, the novel shows a women hero. “And, hard as she could, she threw the black cat toward the other mother.” It shows that not only men a men could be a hero but woman’s could be too. In this novel it also shows that in such a difficulties, the protagonist, Coraline, fights the evil an saves her parents from her. By doing this it proves that women can also be heroes too. Finally, this novel is illustrated very well. The illustrations are really helpful in way that help you understand the novel very well. For example, the picture of the old man, or the evil describes the way the author described him. Therefore, the novel Coraline should be taught
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