Should Columbus Day Be Celebrated in Us ?

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1. Should Columbus Day be celebrated in the U.S.? Why or why not? -After taking a quiz, now I kind a doubt and feel shame on why we celebrate Columbus Day but before I make up my mind let’s explore this topic little bit more. Even though Christopher Columbus found this great land which lead all of us to have freedom and liberty with the sea of opportunities in this country but to gain all this, we have done something that would be considered unethical from every point of view as well inhumanity. According to racial and ethnic groups, Europeans brought superior weaponry and diseases which were effective in reducing large numbers of population in short period of time which they used on Native Indians……..Number of naïve Americans were 10 million in 1500 but gradually decreased as food sources disappeared and diseases wiped their population to 600,000 by 1800 and even worst less than 250,000 by 1900.This loss is considered one of the biggest catastrophic In the history. United states doesn’t take full responsibly of this loss due to the fact that Spanish and French people were also involved in this mass murder (Schaefer, pp.149-150, 2012).In other words, Even though United states didn’t have full control over what happened at that time due to other countries interaction, we should still feel somewhat responsible of wiping such as large number of population from the face of the earth. According to understanding prejudice, Columbus Day is celebrated as a federal holiday and in 2002 George W bush issued presidential proclamation celebrating Columbus bold journey and achievement. All public buildings raised united States flag on that day however the proclamation doesn’t mention anything about the violence, slavery, religious persecution, and pursuit of gold even though Christopher Columbus has mentioned how he should be judged in his letter which states that he was a

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