Should Children Vote?

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Should children be allowed to vote at age sixteen? This essay will be discussing whether the voting age should stay at eighteen or should it be lowered down to sixteen. There are reasons for and against of the lowering down the minimum voting age. There are lots of reasons why the voting age should stay at eighteen. A lot of sixteen year olds are not mature or responsible enough to have the right to vote. They spend their pocket money on food or CD’s and other things which make us assume they should not have the choice whether to vote or not as most people over the age of eighteen are working and paying tax. Some of them do not understand the political system, and do not care about it or are passionate about it. Over 40% of those entitled to vote do not, so if the voting age was raised to 16 there would be a lot more people not voting, as the youngest group of entitled voters usually has the lowest attendance of voters. The human brain is not fully developed until the age of nineteen, so sixteen year olds will not fully understand the system of politics. By the age of eighteen, most people should have a general idea of how the country is performing, but not at sixteen, which is too young to be worrying about politics. If sixteen year olds did vote, most of them would be thinking about clubbing and not the real meaning and how the country will be affected. The voting age should be lowered to sixteen because it gives younger people an idea of what is happening in politics. Lots of them want to be informed on politics just as much as adults do, and some adults don’t even have a clue about politics anyway, and they still have the right to vote. Sixteen year olds have the right to join armed forces, to get married, get a full time job and leave home, but yet they do not have the right to take part in the decision making of voting? If they can become a parent and
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