Should Children Be Taught a Second Languages as Early as Possible

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Essay Topic 1. Should children be taught a second language at a very young age? Model Answer 1: Nowadays, we live in a globalized advance era in which learning a new language has become one of the great concerns of every person. Some people believe that since one language is not adequate for communication, children should start to learn a foreign language in their primary schools. I strongly agree with this statement due to the following reasons. First of all, if someone wants to see outcome soon, one must start sooner. To be more precise, brain ability in learning new language reduces with growing up. Additionally, scientists claim that unlike the misconception of parents, children do not confuse the words of their mother tongue with a studied language, but they learn more efficiently. Secondly, learning a new language can broaden children’s horizon because of enhancing their social skills. When they learn a foreign language, they become more interested in that country and can make connection with more easily. Moreover, they can cope with their future issues related to their field of study by having access to the variety of sources presented in their second language. When children start their early education, their minds remain fresh and they can catch more information. It is the ideal time to learn a new language so they can master the language in short time. Besides, they do not learn a language all of a random. Rather this is decided by the parents, teacher and that has a cultural perspective that the children should learn at the earlier stage rather than later state of life. Finally, adults always are afraid of making mistakes when they learn a new language and this fear is one of the biggest barriers in this process. Moreover, they are always distracted with their problems related to their work, family and etc. Therefore, they need more efforts
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