Should Car Be More Efficient Essay

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RUNNING HEAD: SHOULD CARS BE MORE EFFICIENT 1 SHOULD CARS BE MORE EFFICIENT? Carl B. Lockhart SCI 207 Dr. Cynthia Collins December 17, 2012 MORE EFFICIENT CARS 2 SHOULD CARS BE MORE EFFICIENT? The United States government has had a great influence on the automobile industry since the Clinton Administration. President Clinton passed many new regulations for auto manufacturers to produce more fuel efficient vehicles that are safe for the environment and the owners that operate them on our highways. More fuel efficient vehicles are in high demand due to the current economy and rising fuel prices. The American consumer is looking for a vehicle that will serve their everyday needs and that’s safe for the environment. Some are also looking for affordability, dependability and value for their hard earned money. Global warming and greenhouse gases are a topic of discussion in almost every country in the world today. Since the invention of the automobile 126 years ago we have seen the numerous improvements made from gasoline engines to full electric vehicles that are safe for the environment and the owner. There are many different reasons that cars should be safe for the environment, and fuel efficient, but we will concentrate on the main reasons that will affect us and our economy for years to come. Many countries face a growing population boom that has put a strain on the local economy and its dependence of natural resources. We created a shortage of fossil fuels

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