Should Cannabis Be Legalized? Essay

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Should cannabis be legalised? In this coursework, I will be analysing whether cannabis should be legalised or not. General background information is that the use of cannabis has been around for at least 2,000 years. The substance that gives the mood-alter is called THC. Over the years, the level of THC has increased from 1% in 1974 to 4% by 1994. Many groups believe that cannabis should be legalised while other groups don’t. In Canada, cannabis is legal whilst in the UK; cannabis is regarded as a class B drug. Cannabis has also been used for medical reasons in places such as the Middle East, India and china. In china, it was used to treat conditions such as malaria, constipation and rheumatism. Cannabis are usually smoked through pipes but mostly rolled cigarettes. The effects of smoking the drug are felt within a few minutes and peak in 10-30 minutes. The effects are dry mouth and throat, increased heart rate, delayed reaction in time and diminished short term memory. Moderate doses can put you in a dreamy state of relaxation and encourages fantasies. However, stronger doses can prompt disturbing reactions such as paranoia and hallucinations. According to ‘Sky News’, (Wednesday August 19 2009) researches were done by Spanish scientists and they have found new compounds in cannabis which may help combat prostate cancer. Prostate cancer affects mainly men which 35,000 are affected and 10,000 men are killed. But an expert from Britain's leading cancer research charity said the early results did not justify getting high on cannabis. ‘Cannabis News’ has an argument for the legalisation of cannabis because the American federal government spends billions of dollars a year to undermine the use of cannabis around the country. 6,000 people a day would have used the drug for the first time and a total of 2.2 million Americans would have used cannabis. 63.3% of the users

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