Should Business Guarantee Job For Lifetime?

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Should business guarantee employees a job for their entire life to motivate them? The connection between companies and employees are benefits and income. They work based on a profit factor and the overall goal is for both of them benefit together. To motivate employees to work better and make more money for companies, some people claim that business should guarantee workers a job for lifetime. But in fact, such guarantees hurt business and employees. First, we need to examine the business aspect. A company hires employees for their whole live, they can expect a commitment and loyalty from the employees. This might conform to models of work in the 20 century with workers just using machines and with no need creativity. Nowadays, though, everything has changed. “We need people who have new idea and more creativity and flexibility” (Pink, 2006). For companies with lifetime employment, it difficult to dismiss workers who have bad quality and replace them with creative workers. Let us try to make a case: a company hiring an employee at 25 years old. At the first of five years, he did a good job and make profits for company. But after that, his performance got lower and he have no new idea and doesn’t improve skills. What could company do? In this case, the company just can reduce his salary at any limit and the leader cannot kick his out because of the guarantees of the contract. If your company has 10 people like this case above, what would happen? The answer is for you. Moreover, such companies will not have enough openings for new worker, which limits the competition between employees. It means if no one is fire, no one will hire. On the other hand, employees who work very hard and create new strategies to make benefit for company cannot get the high position because of any position is fixed. Also, age is an important element affecting to business ‘outcome.
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