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Should Bullying Be Outlawed Essay

  • Submitted by: GabrielaG1
  • on December 3, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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Below is an essay on "Should Bullying Be Outlawed" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Gabriela Guerrero                                                                                            
                                            Bullying Laws

          Bullying laws have been discussed whether they are affective. Thirty two percent of students in the United States have been a victim of being traumatized by another student or a group of other students (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Bullying laws are created to make bullying illegal. Many people believe that bullying laws could prevent bullying. Bullying is an important issue because most students and adults do not support the action of bullying and bullying has caused innocent students to feel inferior, depressed, and commits suicide in some cases. Anti-bullying legislation has questioned if laws of bullying are worthy of being passed. Advocates of bullying laws plead that bullying is a crime, students should not be discriminated for their sexuality, and students are destined to be in a safer environment to learn in. There have been disagreements that bullying laws offer little protection, causes incomplete paper work, and students do not do anything about the law.
        Bullying is a serious issue that leaves helpless students being tortured just because of some inhumane actions by other students that are ignorant. Bullies have harmed students mentally, physically, or both. In the article Standing Up to Bullying the author, David Capeless states that the reason why bullying laws don’t make an effect is because, “the new law did not criminalize bullying’’. (Capeless) If bullying is seen as a crime, then the problem would be noticed and prevented .“The law clearly defines bullying…and improves upon school personnel the responsibility to report bullying that is witnessed or learned of, and to respond in a prescribed fashion’’(Capeless). In another article, Why a Law on bullying is Needed, the author explains that bullying legislation needs to “force schools and law...

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