Should Both Parents Go Out to Work When Both Their Children Are Very Young? Essay

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Question: Should both parents go out to work when both their children are very young? Discuss. Singaporeans, especially the Singapore parents, are always described as "kiasu" people. In order to make their child a winner in this competitive society, they send their children to various kinds of tuition centres since a very young age. On the bus, we always can see little children who may not even be old enough for kindergarten carrying a school bag and going to enrichment courses. While we are criticizing the parents for putting too much pressure on our young generation, should we think back on the current stressful society? The increasing cost of living forces the adults to work hard to support their family resulting in the situation where both parents go out to work leaving their little children alone at home. This change in family structure in today's society has created a great controversy. While some people think that double salary from both working parents can offer a better quality of life to their children and it will develop children's independence since they cannot seek help from the parents all the time, others believe that care and love from parents is the most important component for one's childhood. Given the context of today's fast developing society, I agree with the former statement that it will be more benefiting for children if both their parents are out to work. First of all, working parents can bring double income to the family which will largely improve the quality of their children's life. In the olden days, it was always the mother doing house chores at home and looking after the children whereas the father working outside to support the family’s living. However, this structure no longer suit for today’s society. Facing the spiraling cost of living, many families find it hard to maintain the living standard by only depending on one

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