Should Bilingual Classes Be Taught in Texas Public Schools

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State\Local Government 2306 Aug. 27, 2014 Should Bilingual classes be taught in Texas Schools? In my opinion bilingual classes shouldn’t be taught in Texas Public Schools. Immigrant children, teens, and adults that come into this country (regardless of their legal situation), should learn English as their primary or secondary language. Although many of the people who come into this country (legally or illegally) speak a foreign language, it is their personal and moral responsibility to learn this country’s language regardless of the difficulty that it may have on them. Many of the immigrants who set out to find a better future for them and their families do so by coming to America, and in doing so should learn this nation’s language. Bilingual classes not only would make foreign students lazy to learn the language since their home language would be spoken in class and they would just neglect learning English, but it would also cost millions of dollars for Texas tax payers who break their backs working for these students to learn a language that they’ll neglect to learn. Many of the students in bilingual classes would also need special teachers who could speak both their native language and English, costing more money. Also these classes would make these students feel like outcasts among their peers in schools, who not only would look down upon the bilingual class students for not speaking English fluently, but would see them as foreign aliens walking among them. The goal is to make these students transition from their native language to English giving them linguistic and social cultural advantages and we can only do that if we don’t allow bilingual classes to be taught in Texas public schools and make English learning a priority. This country was developed with the belief that all men are created equal and equal opportunity for

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