Should Beer Advertise be allowed on TV

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Should Beer Advertisement Be Allowed on Television? Advertising beer on television is one of the major businesses in today’s economy. Each year, millions of dollars are spent to advertise beer and alcohol. The beer advertisements should not be allowed on television. Even though the ads show that it is illegal to drink for those who are under the age to consume alcohol, children have well-developed the beliefs about alcohol and beers by ads even before they have personal experience with drinking. One might say that other influences such as peers and parents are important in shaping these beliefs for drinking behaviors of beer and alcoholic beverages, advertisement is also an important source through with children learn about this. Advertisement is the main source for any businesses to promote their products and bring into the market and introduce to the people. A recent survey conducted by an alcohol industry group found that 73% of the general public agreed that alcohol advertising is a major contributor to underage drinking and that leads them to do illegal activities. Similarly, two recent federal reports have recommended that alcohol and beer advertising especially that directed at young people be limited or banned. After watching millions of different types of advertisement, young children try to follow those activities shown in the ads which most likely are illegal. Some of those activities which are being shown in the ads are like date rapes, sexual activities and drug consumption. Alcohol contained beverages are prominent contributing factor to all of those activities. It tends to lower inhibitions from standard social activities and also make anyone less conscious of the surroundings. It is understandable that drinking at certain age is not illegal but we should think that is it good for the health? I think alcohol and alcoholic beverages are “slow
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