Should Battered Women Be Charged with Murder Essay

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Have you ever wondered how many guys die for hitting there girlfriends or wifes…. I asked my self the same thing, I also ask should a girl be held responsible, charged for murder? Women who are in abusive relationship should not be charged with murder if they kill abuser because battered women are always in fear of physical harm and because killing the abuser can be the only way out of the hell she lives in. Some people believe that a women who kills her abuser should be charged with murder because it is there life at risk or his, its basically there own way to survive. It is a fact that 7 of 10 women are targeted for physical or sexual violence or even both. In Gatesville,texas a lady named Deborah Jowelch had been in prison a little over a year for killing her husband, When she learned about a special program for domestic violence victims. For the past decade the clemency issue has been pretty stalled nationwide. The term battered women fell from favor because it sounded as if the women suffered some kind of mental defect, advocates say. In 1987, as domestic violence was emerging as an issue, she was serving 15 years for voluntary manslaughter, then domestic violence workers explored the law in need for changing her story. A girls story named Blasingame tried to get away, but the few available shelters wouldn’t take her then – teenage son. And when relatives helped her free her the husband tracked her down after he raped her and threatened to kill her one night. She had no choice but to kill him. Many girls don’t have another way out, I wouldn’t blame them. If that’s there only way to save there lifes and stop the violence then I’m against them being charged for

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