Should Australia Embrace Nuclear Energy

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It is time for Australia to embrace nuclear energy. Embracing nuclear energy doesn’t necessarily mean making it our only power source but maybe combining it with renewable energy sources. There are various reasons why Australia should take on nuclear energy. Firstly Global warming is a big issue that affects the globe. Every year global warming looms larger and nuclear energy is one clear way to cut emissions. Universally coal is seen as one of the main reasons for the continual increase of global warming. Currently in Australia coal provides for more than 75% of the nation’s electricity and 50% of the Greenhouse gasses that are produced in Australia come from electricity generation. Nuclear power virtually produces no greenhouse gas emissions. Over the past 50 years the use of nuclear power has resulted in the avoidance of significant amounts of Greenhouse gas emissions…show more content…
The inclusion of nuclear power within Australia could reduce power prices by 20% and save $150 billion from now until 2050 in greenhouse gas abatement costs. The modern reactors cost about $3 billion. When I say we need to go nuclear power, Australia doesn’t necessarily have to rely on Nuclear power as the only source, but could they go a mix of renewable energy and nuclear energy. Australia is home to many large industries and renewable energy its self would not be strong enough to power them. Nuclear power itself is very simular to renewable energy and emits close to no green house gasses. Many positive benefits would come out of embracing nuclear energy in Australia. Australia is in a good geological positioned and nuclear power is a safe, reliable way to provide energy to Australia. Nuclear does not necessarily have to be the only form of energy but is one that can supply enough energy to the wide range of large industries throughout

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