Should Australia Become a Republic?

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Today we are seeing more and more people asking if Australia should become a republic. People are wondering if our head of state needs to be monarch. A republic country means that the head of state is a president. My point of view is Australia shouldn’t become a republic. In this essay I will discuss what our relationship with Britain will be affected if we do become a republic, the changes of becoming a republic and is anything really good about a republic. What will happen to our relationship with Britain? If we were to become a republic, we won’t have a good relationship with Britain. Why do we need to break the chain between Britain and Australia, as we have so much history together? Because of Britain, we are here today, so is it necessary to just leave Britain? If we were in a crisis-like being in a war, and we were a republic, we wouldn’t receive much help from Britain. Do you think other countries might feel it would be easier to invade Australia, because we’re a new independent country? It defiantly would be. Becoming a republic, citizens of Australia might feel unsafe and leave the country. Do we really want that happening because of one little change? People might say, do we really need their help anyway? All I can say is, the more help, the better. Britain and Australia share so much history together; it would be disgraceful just to ditch them. If we were to become a republic, what will change? If that was to happen, only our head of state wouldn’t be a monarch but a president and we wouldn’t have a governor general. Now that’s not much, and there would be so many things affected from this. Maybe if we did become a republic, our national flag might change because of the Union Jack on the top-left hand corner. Your everyday life would basically be no different. So is it necessary to change to a republic, even though there wouldn’t be many changes? Is

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