Should Assisted Suicide Be Illegal

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Assisted Suicide People die because of many reasons, but the majority of the time its due to pain. So why not let the pain go away? Assisted suicide is suicide committed with assistance by a different person. There are many factors in which a person might decide to choose assisted suicide; such as suffering from pain, circumstance of death, and depression. Assisted suicide should be legal because it is less expensive, it takes the pain away, and everyone should get a choice in what they do. Is a life in pain, really a life? Assisted suicide needs to be done, if a person is suffering; why not help ease it away? It is also an obligation to relieve our fellow human beings suffering and by doing so it will respect the dignity of others. Suffering can not always be ended by giving a patient several medications it is just no the way of life. If a person believes that their choice is to have assisted suicide who is anyone to tell them otherwise (Andre). A person's death will never…show more content…
For example, many people against this decision claim that it is not ethical due to the fundamental tenet of medical ethics which is “Do no harm” (Bender 37).This decision is very ethical because what is not ethical is letting an innocent person die instead of taking the route of assisted suicide. If the person suffering was a relative of another person will they think twice not to because it is their loved ones suffering. By defining ethics it is related to a moral principle in which many differ from principles and standards. Another debate can be that assisted suicide is not a constitutional right. Assisted suicide is a choice which the constitution does support freedom of choice. If at any moment this decision is ruled unconstitutional it violates a person's due process clause of the fourteenth amendment. So, as many can see here assisted suicide does not violate any constitutional or ethical
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