Should Animal Testing for Cosmetics Be Banned?

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For years animal testing has been considered a crucial way of determining whether a makeup product is safe to use on humans. However many people forget that it is inhumane, unethical, and there are countless other ways to test products that are much more reliable and much more humane. Think about it, what breaks one human out in a rash, won’t necessarily break another person out in a rash. So logically animals might react totally different than a human would to those same products. Animals are a very unreliable way of testing whether something is safe or not, and there are other options available to researchers. Using blood from human volunteers to test for the presence of fever-causing contaminants in intravenous medicines can save hundreds of thousands of rabbits each year from traditional "pyrogen" tests. EpiSkin, EpiDerm and SkinEthic—each composed of artificial human skin—can save rabbits from painful skin corrosion and irritation tests. The Bovine Corneal Opacity and Permeability Test and Isolated Chicken Eye Test are techniques that use eyes from animals slaughtered for the meat industry instead of live rabbits to detect chemicals and products that are severely irritating to the eyes. The Reduced Local Lymph Node Assay for skin allergy testing makes it possible to reduce live animal usage by up to 75 percent compared with traditional guinea pig and mouse tests. When you think about all these methods of testing and how much more reliable they are it seems unnecessary to conduct tests on live animals. But it’s up to all of us to help get the word out. We can make a huge impact on the lives of so many animals by simply taking the time to sign petitions, send emails to cosmetic companies, and by spreading the word through social

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