Should Anabolic Steroids Be Legalized

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Should Anabolic Steroids be legalized? Introduction Juice, Roids, and Arnies are all street names for steroids. We hear about them on a daily basis, but are they really as dangerous as is projected in the media? Stories about steroids and athletes regularly pop up in the news with track stars, cyclists, baseball players, and body builders have been accused of using steroids so that they can have an edge in competition. Some of them have even admitted to using them. The use of steroids has now trickled down to young athletes who face a lot of pressure when it comes to being faster and stronger so as to excel in professional and college leagues. A certain research shows that 2.5% of teen girls and about 5% of teen boys have used some form of anabolic steroids at one time or the other. The reason for my interest in this subject is my devotion to body building. It has been not only a hobby for me; but a way of life. Steroids is a highly discussed and controversial issue that is often associated with body building; and I wanted to do an in-depth analysis to decide if the benefit would outweigh the risk- especially in regards to my own body. Anabolic steroids can be defined as synthetic hormones which boost the body’s ability to produce muscle as well as prevent muscle breakdown. Athletes therefore use them hoping to enhance their abilities. Research has shown that these steroids can harm kids who are developing. Some of the negative side effects begin to show up in later years. One of the main reasons they are so controversial is because steroids are also illegal. Therefore the question that arises as steroid use increases is “Should anabolic steroids be legalized?” Discussion In this whole anabolic steroids issue, lots of people are involved. There are a number of parties that are all affected by this issue. The people range from the user or

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