Should American Students Learn a Second Language

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Should american students learn foreign language? why and why not Learning a second language can be a great accomplishment because its not the easiest thing to learn. Most parents that want there child to learn a second language start elementary But there are others that think learning a second language is a waste of time. I think it just depend on the parenting some have higher standards then others, then again some kids are into learning a second language so they work hard to write and speak it fluently. Often you run into people that is bilingual. From my experience most people that are have family that speaks a different language others learned and became intrigued by the language. Some people have jobs that need to communicate with different countries. Forbes says in 2010 the secretary of education Arne Duncan declared “To prosper economically and to improve relations with other countries”. So this can be beneficial as well as life saving. But doctors have a different point of view for patients learning. They say it can delay the onset of Alzheimer. There are people who think learning is a complete waste of time. Someone from thinks it shouldn’t be required after 1st year H.S. Unless they decide to use the skill in there career it should be optional. Others think unless your good at mimicking people you’ll sound like a foreigner. When you cant learn on your own it becomes expensive. Its lots of reasons not to I guess its just all up to you. Well over all being bilingual can be a great thing to know or it could have been useless for you and your life. It really depends on the person learning or influences they have. I think it is a great thing to learn. You can learn about another culture. It might officially save your life one

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