Should American Kids Spend More Time In Class

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More Time In Class? Introduction A longer school year or school day has been a heavily debated topic in the United States for several years now.. Recently, President Barrack Obama has further expanded his thoughts on this issue, stating that he acknowledges that longer school years and school days are not widely popular, but that the challenges our country faces demands more time in the classroom for students. Many students disagree with Obama's proposal, but still some would like to hear out his argument. Many students say that they would protest longer school days and years if it was passed, doing so by walking straight out of the school doors. Should American kids spend more time in class? How will expanding school hours and years further develop a student academically? This research paper will answer these two questions.…show more content…
Blome, "Should American Kids Spend More Time in Class." This article gave me the opening ideas of why American students should remain in class longer than the typical 6 to 8 hours, 180 days a year. This article contained statistics on how our public schools stack up against our foreign counterparts. It also persuaded the reader through facts on why school should be longer. My next step was to read the article "Expand School Hours and You Will Expand Learning." This article gave facts and statistics on the current public school system, along with the authors thoughts on the issue. The main point of the article was that adding more school hours is better for

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