Should America Still Have Heroes Essay

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Some people wonder if America still has heroes. Some people have given up entirely on the thought of American heroes. I am not either of those people. I know that America still has heroes, and believe it or not they are out there. You may not be able to see them in action, or maybe you don’t even notice them, but they are out there. They protect us every day whether you acknowledge them or not. Those heroes go out each day and risk their reputations, their respect, and their lives, to lookout for us and make sure we are safe. A lot of people would consider doctors heroes. I am one of those people. The men and women of the doctor profession are held under constant pressure to save peoples’ lives, and keep them living for many more years to come. I would definitely call them heroes, because they have to deal with people putting their entire faith in them just to save some one’s life. When they do, or even if they don’t you know that they have tried their hardest to keep them alive. Sometimes there is just nothing they can do and that’s when people start to lose respect for doctors because sometimes they can’t save everyone. But what people don’t understand is that they put every last ounce of energy they have into saving that one person. Other people would say that heroes are from the home town. They are our fireman, and policeman.…show more content…
Of course America still has heroes. If you don’t think so I believe that you need to reconsider and just recognize what all these amazing people have done for you. Even though a doctor may not save your loved one, or a firefighter may not save your house from being burnt down. I want you to just think about what they did, what they tried to do, and in what way they have helped you in your life. This might help you realize that they are heroes, and they do deserve to have the respect of a hero no matter what

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