Should America Have Dropped The Atomic Bomb Essay

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Should have America dropped the atomic bomb? In this essay I am going to say whether America should have dropped the atomic bomb. The two main points is yes they should have or the shouldn’t have. The first main point was that USA were worried by Japanese expansion so which they banned all their trading going to Japan, which stopped 80% of all the oil supplied to Japan in the summer of 1941. After this outbreak from the Americans the Japanese hit back with a surprise attack on the Americans which allowed the conquest of South-East Asia and the Pacific before the Americans had even recovered from the surprise attack. The Americans reacted again, this time leaving the Japanese with many casualties in Pearl harbour in Hawaii on the 7th…show more content…
Secondly the Bomb alone would cost 2 Billions USD to Construct, which was coming out of the peoples money and not the governments. Another reason is the Americans thought that the Japanese deserved the Bomb because the had been very cruel to prisoners of war, but the Japanese did not take as many lives as the two atomic bombs put together which I think was a disgrace. The reasons which I believe that were against the Americans was that if America had this huge bomb then other countries would obviously want it too, and maybe it may be used against America in the future, secondly the bombs the Americans dropped killed 220,000 people combined, and which half of them were innocent civilians. I believe that Americans were wrong to drop such a huge bomb on the Japanese even though there are many things I do agree with , the Americans believed the atom bomb was no ’great decision’ and it was just another powerful weapon and that it stopped the war and saved millions of lives which was
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