Should Abortion Be Illegal?

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Should abortion be illegal? This matter has been debated for many years, simply because every human being has a different perspective. There are many methods to abortion, usually decided on the trimester of pregnancy. Abortion is legal so therefor there is nothing wrong with a woman having an abortion. The abortion procedure is performed without hurting the baby, it’s safe and does not cause long lasting health issues. A baby should never come into the world unwanted, that baby will not have a full and happy life. Abortion should be illegal because abortion is murder and with murder comes psychological damage, no matter how hard someone tries, they can never erase what abortion does. Should abortion be illegal or should women be able to keep murdering babies, these points will further be discussed in this investigation. The biological concepts behind abortion are the steps used and also the utensils used throughout the abortion process. The method chosen for one’s abortion depends on how many weeks pregnant they are. An early medical abortion can be a method for someone up to nine weeks pregnant. This method involves taking two different types of medication, mifepristone and prostaglandin, in a 48 hour period. Throughout the 48 hours the hormone suitable for fertilising an egg will be lost and the womb lining and embryo will be lost. This method is similar to an early miscarriage; it will be like giving birth except the baby will not come out alive. For someone who is 7-15 weeks pregnant they will use the Vacuum Aspiration method. This method takes 5-10 minutes as a suction tube will be inserted into the womb to remove the foetus by pulling it apart little by little and the surrounding tissue. A late medical abortion method is used for women who are 9-20 weeks pregnant. Mifepristone and prostaglandin will be used and this method will be similar to having a late

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