Should a Private Health Care System Be Allowed to Exist Alongside the Nhs in the Uk?

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The NHS, which stands for National Health Service, is the world’s largest publicly funded health service, which it has grown to from its launch in 1948. It provides free healthcare to UK citizens depending on their health and need for healthcare rather than their ability to pay for it. Funding for the NHS comes directly from UK citizens’ taxes, and is granted to the Department of Health by Parliament. When it was launched, It had a budget of £9 million, which is now about £108.9 billion. The NHS does not just cover medical healthcare, however. It also offers services such as dental, pharmacy, eyecare, sexual health, mental health and social care services. In the UK, another system of healthcare exists – private healthcare. You can get private healthcare for any medical condition, providing you pay for it yourself. This can include treatment in a private hospital by a medical specialist or GP. It can also include dental treatment, counselling and physiotherapy. One way of paying for private healthcare is to have a health insurance, which works simply by paying an amount of money every month to a company who then pay out when you require the healthcare. The NHS is free, which represents a huge advantage against other healthcare systems that charge for health insurance. Of course, you pay for the NHS within taxes; however every UK taxpayer makes the same contribution. Secondly, the NHS offers a huge range of services to provide the UK general public with adequate healthcare. Several specialised services are also available including alternative therapies such as hypnosis or acupuncture. However, it also has disadvantages. Because it’s a free service, this unfortunately means that resources are often strained. If you require an operation, an appointment with a specialist, or specialised treatment for a condition, you will most likely be put on a

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